March 2016 was a great month to myself and my Pops as well. It would be the month where my life long dreams became a reality!

This page is dedicated solely to that property, which due to its size (22+ Acres) was coined The New22. Any and all videos solely about the New22 will continue to be added to this page as a way of chronicling the changes the property goes through over the years.

This video made in May of 2017 lays out the property using footage over the previous year and current. Shows and discusses the property as a whole and includes a tour of all the food plot locations as well.

The story of the harvest/hunt for Splits in from the hunt included.

I took ownership of just over 22 acres within 30 minutes of my home! This video below shows how it looked the very first time I laid feet to the soil. As you'll see it was still very cold and absolutely no green up had occurred; hence making it look more open than it really is; which is not open AT ALL REALLY!

Follow up video to the top one, with dialogue primarily, but poor video quality if honest.

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