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Never Stop Dreaming

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Two years back on this morning I woke up believing it had all been a dream. I wiped my eyes, placed my tired feet on the floor and grabbed my glasses. "Man what an awesome dream." (Phone beeps) Grabbing my phone I notice over 40 Facebook notifications of all sorts, 20+ text messages and a few missed calls...wait....

I pull up my phone's picture gallery. I begin to did happen.

That young boy that used to just dream of getting a 170-inch buck on camera...oh how I wish I could go back and tell him the story. His eyes would get huge and hang on every word of the story no doubt.

I share this, because Cicero will forever be a reminder to me that you literally never know what is ahead of you or what God might bless you with. Nothing I did over the years leading up to his harvest were done thinking this will lead to a booner, instead it was merely a pursuit of more.

Ever seed purchased, every tree planted, every drop of sweat deposited was merely pursuing the dream. For me on this property it was creating the best property for the deer imaginable, for you it might be getting it done on public land.

Whatever it is never stop dreaming, and pursuing that dream...for one day you just might wake up having had the best dream play out the night before like I did - FOR REAL!

Best of luck out there everyone!

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