A Buck Called 'Splits'

(As shared by Scott, a forum friend from bowhunting.com)


I first layed my eyes on splits in the late summer with a some trail cam pics of him in my clover plot. When I saw him I knew he was over 20 inches wide with a huge body.  Given his appearance, I named him 'Splits' with his wide rack. 


He was number 4 on my hitlist but knew he was a mature buck.


As the bowhunting season opened in September and October I had no pics of 'Splits' hard horned, but I knew he was in area.  Fast forward to November 10 and I headed out to one of my stands that was good for a west wind. 


I pulled one of my sd cards on way to stand,  it is in a 5 acres section of woods that connects with my clover and chicory plot.



After climbing up and strapping myself in,  I decided to check my sd card with my camera. I had a few nice bucks but still no pics of 'Splits' hard horned.  


It was about 2:00 in the afternoon and I had just got done putting my camera away when I look down travel corridor towards clover plot and saw a doe running right at me with not 1, not 2 but 3 shooter bucks chasing her!


They ran right by my stand at 10 yards but my braaaaping would not stop them. As they ran out of my life, I figured I'd chalk it up as a great day to be in the woods to witness 3 great bucks. 


I put my bow back on my hanger when I started to hear them coming back the same way they had just left grunting up a storm. This time I was going to stop them by getting louder. As the doe passed me with the 3 bucks,  'Splits' being the largest body wise by far I said "HEY!!!" pretty loud. 


All 4 deer stopped in the corridor and I knew I didn't have much time. 'Splits' was the farthest away but he was perfectly broadside. My shot was true as I buried my Beman Hunter arrow right up to the fletching behind his shoulder, 


I knew it was a lethal shot and "Splits" took a few steps and stood there for about 10 seconds...suddenly he became wobbly legged and stumbled down the hill and fell by the down tree in the picture (seen at end of story). He had only traveled about 25 yards and my shot was at 32 yards so I was thrilled to say the least. 




















The corridor picture is my view from my stand and he was standing to the right of the second orange flag. After he fell the other 3 deer went running towards my food plot and I sat down and gathered myself. I could see the huge buck laying there and as I glassed him I knew by size of deer and wide rack it was "Splits". 


I waited 30 minutes and got down and went up to see my trophy. 
























He is an 8 pointer with a 22 inch spread and field dressed at 225 lbs, taxidermist thought him to be a 5 year old deer. I love hunting travel corridors during the rut because where the does are you will find the bucks.  The travel corridor I shot him at is one I hinge cut with my brother in laws this past spring and it paid off. 


Scott, had an awesome hunt and it all took place yet again on a small acre property...one many hunters may look over, but Scott and others have put in the time attempting to make the property the best it can be...food plots, hinge cutting and more have paid off and will continue to!



Yet another example of an awesome hunter capitalizing on a small acre property...have your own success story? Interested in sharing it with other hunters...always looking for more stories showcasing the fact small acres can be rewarding!



Go HERE and begin the process by contacting me!



To read more success stories visit the Success Stories tab!



As always God Bless and good luck out there!



-Ty Miller

Small Acre Hunting


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