Personal Product Opinions

I will admit I don't switch products much but I will take everyone along with me as I experiment or refine my selection of gear. Here you will find videos on products I use, won't use and why or I may use in the future. 


These opinion expressed here are directly from myself and are not written in stone. One must remember that every single hunter has various desires and things they deem necessary for something to be useful...


Lane Maker-Ratchet Pruner

Brought to by: Treehopper LLC


I have been through many a pruner, hand saw and chainsaw in my father and I's time spent clipping, trimming, cutting and slicing through habitat over tha past few years but not until a recent trip to Wisconsin for a consulting deal had I ever utilized a ratchet hand pruner....or anything really which I quickly grew to love as much as this ratcheting pruner.















(Pictured above is taken from


Now I understand the thing appears to be just your normal hand pruner possibly something similar to the kind currently setting in your gardening shed for cutting those pesky grape vines off your fence (true story at the Miller house)...and if like mine they do the job on things similar and didn't break the bank at a mere $5 at the local upscale and class Dollar General (no offense Dollar General). 


This pruners however are different...these are ratcheting hand pruners which as described on the Treehopper website;


"Glides through branches up to 1″ thick with ease. The ratchet gearing systems turns minimal effort into maximum cutting power."


Now I am not saying go take on ever sapling infront of your stand this year with this rather than a Silky Zubat (a great saw for a future review) but I will say with this thing tucked in my pocket I don't need a hand saw for those trimmings around a stand or camera sight unless the branch/sapling is of serious size. I have even accomplished a few cuts through things over the stated 1-inch by placing the pruner against the branch/sapling to be cut and spinning it around it a few times...this will allow the blade, which is very sharp, to cut through a portion of the branch/sapling before actually attempting to squeeze or finalize the cut. I am telling you right now these pruners will always be in my hunting bag and habitat backpack for the rest of my life...and they should be in your's as well!


Until mid-August Small Acre Hunting is giving away 3 of these for FREE to Non-Insider Only visitors! Simply go to SAH's facebook page HERE and check out the giveaway post and video for instructions on how to win!


Slick Trick Magnums (125gr)


I have been using these broadheads now going on 5 years and I'll be honest up front, I've wanted to switch - have even purchased other heads but these keep finding their way back on my arrows each year.


In the day and era where one is convinced by advertising schemes that unless your broadhead can cut a squirrel in half it isn't a good one, the loyal Slick Trick fans just keep on ignoring them the chatter. 


It is true side to side these heads are only 1 1/8 inches wide...but with the four blades they do offer 2 1/4 inches worth of total cutting surface. Their ferrules are rock solid, and I've yet to replace one...pop new blades on and let em' fly again.


Speaking of their blades reminds me of probably the #1 reason I'm a personal fan of them...THEY ARE EXTREMELY SHARP! Lutz blades at .035 thickness each make these things not only second to none but incredibly durable. I've sent many a slick trick through bone and the blades have never broken that is saying something.















(Pictured above is taken from Slick Trick's website)


Now as many of you know, I don't lay down any claims that one broadhead is better than another with out question; as the best broadhead is one that just went through both lungs. However, if you want a strong, incredibly sharp and fixed would be doing yourself a disservice if these Slick Tricks aren't up for consideration.


The True Talker

By Hunter's Specialties


I have had the True Talker in my bag of tricks for well over 5 years now, and while many other calls have come and gone over those years this one has never left. It's ease of use, resistance to freeze up or moisture issues in general are just a couple of the reasons I love this call. 


"Its longer tube produces deeper tones. Ridges on the tube allow for fingertip control in pre-selecting different calls or sounds." on the Legacy Edition of the True Talker


It's ability to produce some of the deepest yet realistic grunts and bellows are simply impressive to say the least and due to that the hunter can intimidate/challenge any whitetail buck out there...hopefully making them throw caution to the wind and come in to the call.


While this call has the ability to produce some deep, loud and gutteral type buck calls - this call seperates itself from others in that with the slide of a finger you can produce some of the softest doe bleats heard from a call. 


This was put on display this past season, 2013, in my harvest story of Kicks (can be read here). I never was grunted at that buck, instead pulled him in on a string with a continous string of very soft very subtle doe bleats.


If I could have simply one call and one call alone this one would probably be it. While others may produce better bleats or grunts, none I have held produce the wide range and spectrum of calls accomplished by the True Talker.


Check out for more information and to find your own True Talker.


(Pictured above and left of review is the new True Talker Legacy edition, from

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