What Is Your Opening Day?


The cool and crisp autumn floor is still. The sun is just beginning to creep through the tree trunks to your East, slicing the air with their golden beams lighting the forest floor with their glorious light. You breathe in a deep crisp lung filling amount of the air and exhale….opening day.


October 1st is the day described above for myself, and it is the first day each year you find me grabbing my bow and hitting the woods. Nowadays though that day instead of representing a beginning, as it does for many, has actually become an ending for myself. You see that day is the first day where I am no longer preparing for the upcoming deer season. All the post season scouting, picture studying, movement correlation studies, shed hunting, hinge cutting, mineral sites, trail cams, food plotting, tree stand hanging and all along practicing with my bow….is done.


You see to me the hunting season for those of us desiring to consistently get more cracks at more deer, especially mature bucks like I chase you can’t picture opening day as a beginning; for it is actually the complete opposite.

The first sunrise...is priceless.

The ground work for everything you desire your deer season to be is completed during the months before the opener. Before someone says it to themselves, yes, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is true, deer in general are not extremely hard to harvest and you can probably get lucky from time to time. Even be “the guy” with the big buck some years…but do you desire to be more than lucky?


Do you desire to know why you were lucky? Why the buck did what he did the fateful morning you harvested him? Or maybe you are still seeking for that one lucky morning? Do you desire to consistently year after year put yourself in position to capitalize?


If yes than let me be bluntly honest…for most of you reading this it is anything but easy. Many of you probably are like me and the majority of other hunters out there. We have a property to hunt either thanks to family, hard work or an acquaintance nice enough to let you hunt; while that is great the property is typically either too small by most standards, too pressured, terrible neighboring hunters or a collection of all the above…any of that sound familiar? I know it does to me, because it describes my hunting properties to a “T”.


Which is why I can promise you, if you are willing to put forth effort, that same small, terrible, pressured or all the above piece of hunting property can transform before your very eyes…and you will begin to see opening day as I do; the ending to the countless hours of work in preparation for that very moment.


That is why Small Acre Hunting’s Insider Club exists…it’s for those seeking to not just skim the surface of habitat manipulation or simply positioning stand locations…no it’s for those seeking to understand why we cut that tree, why we hang that stand there and why opening day is truly an ending.


God Bless…and good luck out there…


Ty Miller

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