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God grants us the ability to breathe, walk and understand more than any other creature He created. So with that knowledge let us first not forget from Him all things come, and secondly let us maximize every thing He gives us.


Ty Miller

Ty has proven over the years that one does not need hundreds of acres to capitalize on a deer they can be happy with. Actually contrary to popular opinion his father and he have harvested numerous bucks in that time span that most hunters would gladly give their tag for...


While I have never taken a single dime of payment from Real World, I also don't shy away when discussing what company has earned my trust. Years of reading seed tags and using a variety of different brands led me to purchasing from Real World Wildlife Products. Until they change their product quality, I have no doubt my properties will always incorporate plot mixes from Real World Wildlife Products.

Small Acre Hunting is a site dedicated to providing content deer hunters and land managers can utilize in their pursuit of their whitetail dreams! Ty is a habitat consultant specializing in small acre hunting and parcel management.

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