Small Acre Hunting is all about getting the absolute most out of whatever piece of property God has granted you with. For years I spent all of my hunting primarily centered around a mere 12 acres of woods in Northern Indiana...despite what many viewed as a hunting handicap of not having hundreds of acres I have been able to put down some awesome bucks many hunters claim would have been impossible on such a small spot!


Small Acre Hunting is going to bring to you knowledge in the art of manipulating small acre properties to hold and produce some of the best hunting possible! Manipulating the habitat is crucial but I will also share all the things my father and I do to increase our odds of harvesting a mature buck each and every year; stand placements, entrance/exit routes, all season tactics, camera placements, sign interpreting and planting/designing/hunting food plots!


Bottom line, Small Acre Hunting is all about doing big things on a small time scale and I will share all the knowledge I can to assist you in doing this.


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In an effort to assist you even more I am now offering consultation as well. Feel free to email me for this service.

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God Bless!

-Ty Miller

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Doing BIG things on a SMALL time scale!

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