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Ty Miller


Ty has proven over the past years that one does not need hundreds of acres to capitalize on a deer they can be happy with. Actually contrary to popular opinion his father and he have harvested numerous bucks in that time span that most hunters would gladly give their tag for; numerous of which would go between 100-130 and 5 checking in over 130! All of these, save three from a 70 acre property, came from a "too small" piece of property which includes just shy of 9 acres of woods. 2016 Ty purchased 22+/- acres and in the first fall he harvested the 3rd largest buck around...and in 2018 he downed a B&C Gross Score 175 even off that dirt. Since managing that small piece of land Ty's bucks harvested off of it have averaged right around 150 inches each! Some of Ty's harvest photos can be found at the bottom of this page.

Over the years Ty has learned how to use small properties to the hunter's advantage and now is hoping to teach all of his proven tactics and the new ones he continues to learn along the way in hopes of helping others in similar situations!

"Small acre properties are often times looked over by other hunters. In all honesty, I only need about a 30 yard radius from a tree or blind in the right spot to make it possible to harvest a deer...and potentially a mature buck! The thing many people don't realize is a lot of properties can be designed to become more of that "right spot" type of place. Sometimes it is a complete overhaul of the property, other times it is merely small tweaks which make a big difference in the end.


Over the years I've learned how to stop viewing my limited acreage as a discouraging factor and have learned to capitalize on every inch of soil I can hunt or work on."


The unique thing about Ty is his willingness to admit he doesn't know everything there is to know. He understands that in order to keep progressing as a hunter and a habitat manager one must constantly be active in expanding their knowledge through trial and error, but more importantly through other accomplished hunters.


"There are a lot of guys out there stating the hollywood style of hunting...but for every single one there is a guy like Bill Vale, John Eberhart or Jake Ehlinger - that the average hunter needs to study and learn from. Some guys can spend $4,000 or more on a hunting consult or a brand new top of line blind without blinking - while the rest of us that is something which needs planned for years in advance. I enjoy helping the hard working men and women scattered across the Midwest with a passion for hunting deer and ready and willing to put in the sweat equity to make their properties better."


Bottom line Ty is a normal guy with a demanding daily job which leaves him with like many of you reading this only so much leftover time and energy for hunting projects. He hopes that by him taking time to document his thoughts, property visits and tactics utilized throughout his hunting seasons, that every single person who visits Small Acre Hunting will be one step closer to that dream hunt they felt they could never have!

God Bless.

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