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It is a humbling experience having someone reach out to you with dreams and goals for their property. This is something which I pray never stops overwhelming me, as I understand just how precious and connected we become with the land we are blessed to call our own. While I cannot promise you your dreams, I can promise I will do all I can to assist you in chasing them!

-Ty Miller

Digital Consult



This option is not right for everyone, but for those whom have a lot of basic habitat knowledge collected over their years may very well benefit from this option vs the more expensive option of Boots on the Ground consult. 

This consult will involve numerous data collection emails and questions back and forth, culminating with a video (30-60 minutes) where I discuss your specific property going over my entire thoughts on habitat plan of attack; positioning of plots/stands/bedding and such. I'll discuss the three pivotal aspects to building security on your property which is habitat manipulation, hunting style and scent control. All 3 playing a big crucial part. Included within this is any documents I have available describing various thoughts into anything from habitat manipulation, hunting techniques or maintenance concepts I feel may be beneficial to the ultimate goal of creating security for the deer located on your property.


This level of course will be limited as no boots will be touching soil, however I have full faith that you'll feel by the time your done watching the video you should have a real grip on my thoughts and direction I'd take if I were you. The video link will be an unlisted Youtube video which will exist for up to 1 year.


Should you desire a digital DVD version of the video (can ask at a later date) cost will not exceed $25 shipped to your door. 


I typically spend anywhere from 5-15hours of time devoted fully to your property planning. Valuing my time invested into this at less than $20 per hour, a value you will struggle to find in any consulting industry - especially from someone in the hunting industry who has seen immense success on smaller acres over the years. With this though, know that response time is dictated by when family and work allows.

If this sounds like a service which you could benefit from reach out to me today, and let's see if I agree and think I can be of help to you and your property!

Boots on the Ground


Limited number of on-site consults being taken for the 2024 season. 

Contact me today to see if schedule works and what the quote might be.

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