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Consultation for habitat or hunting tactics is something I've begun doing for clients seeking affordable yet valuable advice. Consultations vary in size and price, but the cost outline and brief descriptions will provide a guideline for what one seeking consultation from myself can expect. If you find yourself desiring an on-site visit please realize this is not my main job and due to time restraints only schedule a few of these a me asap to ensure you are one of the few I take on. If I am full, I have a short list of other habitat consultants with similar mindset and abilities which may be able to be of assistance.


**When reaching out to me for any kind of consultation be sure to bring up if you're willing to share pictures with Small Acre Hunting of your progress and hopefully harvest photos! (a discount may be possible if so!)


ALL consulting discussions/questions/requests should be emailed to



Digital Consultation  $215:


This is the option for those that either don't have the time or desire to have me place rubber soles to dirt, but desire thoughts and recommendations from myself on their piece of hunting properties.


This consult will involve numerous data collection emails and questions back and forth, culminating with a video (30-60 minutes) where I discuss your specific property going over my entire thoughts on habitat plan of attack; positioning of plots/stands/bedding and such. I'll discuss the three pivotal aspects to building security on your property which is habitat manipulation, hunting style and scent control. All 3 playing a big crucial part. Included within this is any documents I have available describing various thoughts into anything from habitat manipulation to entrance/exit trail maintenance I feel may be beneficial to the ultimate goal of creating security for the deer located on your property.


This level of course will be limited as no boots will be touching soil, however I have full faith that you'll feel by the time your done watching the video you should have a real grip on my thoughts and direction I'd take if I were you. The video link will be an unlisted Youtube video which will exist for up to 1 year.


Should you desire a digital DVD version of the video (can ask at a later date) they will be $20 to your door (shipping included). 


I typically spend anywhere from 5-15 hours of time devoted fully to your property planning. Valuing my time invested into this well below even $20/HR, a value you will struggle to find in the consulting industry - especially from someone who has seen immense success on small acres over the years. 


On-Site Consultation $700:


This is the option for those that want myself (sometimes Pops accompanies..and/or a camera person if allowed) to come and tour the property in question and formulate a recommended plan of attack to creating a habitat more conducive to deer and your hunting. Often times visits will result in maps being constructed of your property and a write up of thoughts within 7-14 days of the visit. This option would be up to 8 hours (will not exceed) spent on the property and may even include some hands on work/examples done. Given the wide variety and difference every single property can have, contact today to see if this option is one which would work for you! I will not take a job if I feel I cannot assist you make your property meet your goals.

Everything included in the Digital Consult is also included with this level of consultation as well.


25% deposit required for scheduling, and is non-refundable.

The quoted price above is for any consult less than 2 hours in travel time away. If farther travel costs will be discussed and covered by those hiring myself for consultation.


*I cannot stress the following enough. I will do everything I can to make you successful, but know we are still dealing with nature and an animal. I cannot promise you that by doing everything I recommend there is a Pope & Young caliber buck at the end of each recommendation...but I do whole heartedly believe in everything I will share with you. All of my recommendations are things that I 100% believe in, I will not share them if I don't (if I ever did, I would disclose that). Also know that a lot of a property's success can depend on a variety of factors; owner practices with the land not hunting related, neighboring property make up, localized deer herds and much more. 


The one thing I can promise is that I will do my utmost to provide to you everything you expected and more; and pray that God blesses you and yours hitting the woods each year long after I've done my consulting work for you!


-Ty Miller


**You acknowledge there is absolutely no refunds whatsoever for any reason. 

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