October 6, 2020

Two years back on this morning I woke up believing it had all been a dream.

I wiped my eyes, placed my tired feet on the floor and grabbed my glasses. "Man what an awesome dream."

(Phone beeps)

Grabbing my phone I notice over 40 Facebook notifications of all sorts, 20+ text messages and a few missed calls...wait....

I pull up my phone's picture gallery.

I begin to smile...it did happen.

That young boy that used to just dream of getting a 170-inch buck on camera...oh how I wish I could go back...

June 7, 2019

So spend any time on social media you quickly realize the flood which is the innumerable pro-staffers, field staff, promotional staff, representatives or ambassadors exist everywhere you look. Sally Mae from Ohio posts incessantly about that new illuminated nock to ad nauseam…and don’t get me started on Joe Blow from Michigan that appears to use that one company’s urine scent line so much I wouldn’t be shocked if he said it works great as an after shave!

Whatever it might...

February 16, 2019

Two of the most asked questions I get besides what food plot seed should I plant, actually both get the same answer out of me.

What is the thing or trait you feel most consistent mature buck killers do or have in common?

What is the biggest mistake you think folks make in their hunting?

The answer in my opinion to both: entrance and exit trails.

Just the other week I had three separate conversations with folks that emailed or messaged me trying to figure out why they simply weren’t having the succes...

January 29, 2019

I recently reached out and asked folks to bring up topics or raise questions they were curious what my thoughts were on. One such follower brought up the incredibly important topic of people choosing food plots over bedding, and if I had any thoughts on it?

Boy do I ever! You have already no doubt read the title of this post, so I’m sure you know the general direction of my thoughts, but why? Let's discuss the 3 main reasons I feel everyone overstates the importance of food plots and ignores how...

October 1, 2018

It was my first buck ever harvested…my first bow kill ever…and still one of the biggest bucks I’ve ever taken…and I DESPISE the pictures we took. As I sit here and type this regret rushes back through me that I have zero photos worthy of that memory captured, and this isn't something you get second chances to do over.

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words and can tap a thousand emotions; let’s ensure that all those words and emotions are good ones. No matter what the age of the hunter or...

August 7, 2018

The velvet buck photos are upon us. Every social media outlet, forums and even the local bow shops are buzzing about the various bucks that have hunters praying their arrow, bolt or bullet connect with this fall.

With this however comes my least favorite question in the entire hunting world.

"Would you shoot him?" or "Is he a shooter?"

It pains me when I see this question posed. I can sense the motivation behind the question almost always revolves around two things; approval or acceptance. Let me m...

August 17, 2017

Now I understand as I type this many of those reading this in the Midwest or Northern parts of this great country have already broken ground and broadcast seed most likely. However, on the chance you have not done so or find yourself in the portion of the country where you are preparing to break ground take note because I do not want you to make the mistakes thousand are or will very soon.

You see I'm of the mindset if you are taking the time to put in a food plot, this whole deer hunting thing i...

October 25, 2016

Upon Release: The Most Crucial Time

We spend, or should at least, countless time and hours into making sure we are fine tuned shooting specimens. Our bows are tuned, our broad heads are flying true and we are confident from elevated positions or on the ground, sitting or standing.

However, what if I told you the most crucial aspect of the shot doesn’t involve your bow, your arrow or even yourself directly?

What if I told you the most crucial part of a successful shot is everything which occurs afte...

October 9, 2016

“Merry Christmas,” the wife smiled and half yelled-half mocked to me as I walked out to the living room this past Saturday. It was October 1st and that meant the bow hunting opener in Indiana.my “Christmas.”

I smiled, started brewing some coffee and immediately caught myself instinctively looking outside reading the weather and was happy I’d made the decision to wait till the afternoon for the first hunt of the year. It was wet and rainy and storms were scheduled to continue till around lunch…not...

August 13, 2016

Man, life simply moves far too fast sometimes. It's been forever since I've set down and timed a blog entry here on the website...many valid reasons why but none of that matters at the moment let's delve straight in! Where we find ourselves currently:


The new property I closed on in early Spring came with a lot of unknowns, neither my father or I had any idea for what its potential for this first year would be....then these photos started rolling in:

I'd be lying if the split G2 buck (...

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