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Sick...Can't Hunt So Let's Reflect

That view right there pretty much sums up my 2014 season (currently home sick instead of up a tree)…full of reminiscing about big bucks but not hunting them. Okay so that isn’t entirely accurate, I’ve been hunting them you just can’t tell. I’ve to date only seen, ready for it, one buck that’s made me even touch my bow. Yeah I guess you could say this season has been a tough one, but it’s not like I didn’t know this was a possibility.

This year reminded me yet again just how hard and long it can be to stay resilient and positive when chasing a specific mature monarch of the woods buck. It isn’t for the faint of heart or those without the hunting fortitude to possible set through days after days of minimal if any deer sightings occur…because ask anyone who chases mature bucks and they’ll confirm outside of the rut these monarchs many times are reclusive in nature and not the most sociable animals; at least that’s how it is in areas of above average hunting pressure it seems.

So this 2014 season has gone as described…the chase for RD has left me here in mid-November with a buck tag still in hand and now as planned I'm willing to open up my sights to include any of our other shooters. Now that Indiana’s firearm season has started, that only increases the chances I'm willing to slip an arrow through a buck not named RD here in 2014.


So bucks like Kurly have my attention at the Homestead and yesterday found myself up a tree bow in hand on the firearm opener in Indiana hoping to watch Kurly come up a trail in front of me. While that didn’t happen it was refreshing in many ways to finally not climb a tree thinking only one deer exists that could show to make me shoot. The knowledge of knowing Kurly or any of the other mature bucks we are starting to get on camera could show and fill my tag is like I said refreshing. Now I don’t know if my father or I will actually connect on buck at the Homestead but even if we don’t everything we’ve continued to do at the Homestead is proving to be worth it yet again! Wait till I share a slide show of every single buck that has utilized our property for either food, cover or rutting activity……even I’m shocked!

I guess that is where I’m at, and I bet numerous others find themselves in the same place. The temps are dropping the deer are changing due to the hunting pressure and you still have a buck tag in your pocket. Don’t let that discourage you, stay true and consistent in your hunting. Hunt smart and you will eventually be presented a chance at a buck you deem worthy. Myself, once healthy again, will be focusing on bedding areas around the homestead, hoping to get in close to them and capitalize on hunting pressure by others pushing them into the bedding sanctuaries we’ve stayed out of till now and hunt smart just for this time of year.

If none of that works we are just weeks away from winter’s grip setting in and breeding wrapping up…which means this guy will be thinking food sources and food sources only. If we get to that point, yes it is true it will be freezing cold but the reward for freezing toes could be a set of mature antlers in my ice covered gloves.

Here’s to hoping my season and yours if similar, is set to change for the better any minute now!

God bless and good luck out there!

(Stay warm and healthy though fellas...only reason this blog got written was due to being sick and not able to climb a tree! Nothing takes the season away better than a terrible bug, so stay healthy!)

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