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Now more than ever...

It's June, while many are putting their boats in the water for the summer and hanging their bows up from a Spring turkey season what you should be doing is getting your bow set-up honed in for this fall.

If you are a bow hunter like myself you undoubtedly are always thinking about changes you'd like to make like draw weight, broadhead choice, arrow selection or even the bow itself. The issue is far too many hunters I talk with wait until September to finalize all their choices leaving themselves with mere weeks before they hit the woods in hopes of making a harvest....unprepared and without proper practice with their new set ups.

If I'm honest with you, doing the above is simply begging for issues to arise, as you have chosen to hit the woods unprepared and not a master of your weapon as it has undergone changes from the previous season.

That is why this is the time frame in which changes should be made. In the coming weeks I'll be ordering my new strings for my bow and possibly even changing me months to prepare and become a master of my "new" weapon which will not be the same as it was the year prior.

I highly recommend you do the same...that way come the opening day of bow season you have had months of practice with the exact set up you have on stand with you.

I highly recommend checking out the past post about Hunting Practice vs Regular Practice as well if you are a sticks-n-string kind of guy or gal.

Till next time God bless,


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