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Dear Brother,

If you've been provided this link, then you no doubt are about to or recently enough joined the ranks of being a married man. You also in some fashion are someone I call a friend, mentor or perhaps even brother (in the Godly sense beyond blood). Now what you are about to read isn't some grand proclamation or decree which if adhered to you can be promised an incredible and enjoyable marriage. It is also a work in progress....being added to, amended or edited as God directs my reflections - and I pray they might be of use on your marital journey.

Journey - an act of traveling from one place to another.

Oh what a journey marriage is. As I'm typing this my incredible wife and I have been married now a dozen years, a short time honestly for many...yet still over 4 years past the national average last I checked. Eight years is that average....eight. That is fewer years than Tom Brady was playing in Super Bowls....that's the same time frame as two presidential terms....and isn't even enough years to get someone past 7th grade starting in Kindergarten. Shoot the Jonas Brothers haven't even made it 7 years together. Think of that, people spend on average more years in school than they do in their own marriages?

That is a lot of people not willing to go on the journey of marriage. 

Bride and Groom

That is a lot of people missing out on an unimaginable number of joy filled moments they would have seen along the way or the journey which they cut short for any number of reasons. However, the broken down moments...the flat tires, the catastrophic engine failure or even the bugs on the windshield became too much.

Speaking of which, here is the first truth about marriage I've come to believe: you will not always like your spouse, but your love for them is greater. The greatest lie folks convince themselves of is that the relationship with their significant other will automatically get better once married. As a matter of fact in some ways quite the opposite will occur. Introducing another prideful sinners' desires and opinions into another's life on a daily basis is clearly going to bring with it new tensions and moments.

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